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Donate to the FreedomWarrior Network –

The #FW Network Websites #Patriots #TruthSeekers #RhymeBombEmcees

Projects these funds will go towards:

[OPERATION:NO MASK] – This project is dedicated to removing mask mandates world wide. Currently this project is producing a documentary / comedy film called “Mask Burnaz” which just did a pre-screening on 5/5/2021. This film is still in production in its early stages. The film celebrates and documents the practice of “mask burning”, a new trend of rhyme bomb culture – A phenomenon occurring around the globe.

[OPERATION: BIG TECH SHAKE DOWN] – The development of a truth and social network already in production. We are building websites for select freedom warriors around the world and providing a platform of online video discussion. We have already developed the following (this website) : We developed this to provide a live streaming platform to freedom warriors away from all big tech networks. SpyderNET is our private server where: free of charge we host approved freedom warrior websites.

HackInTheSystem (HITS) : This is a website that is a resource for truth seekers and researchers of the forbidden.  Here we store and archive videos and pdf files that are or may be censored from the internet by big tech gremlin. We keep a daily backup of all archived files and can easily re-deploy this website or multiply it. It is ready for re-deploy and secured files of truth will be kept.

– Freedom Warrior NET – A by the people for the people social network in development now. This website will link together all leaders of the truth movement and provide a social networking platform for patriots , truth seekers and freedom warriors.  It will provide secure communication between like minded individuals who can work towards solutions instead of being distracted by banned from big tech and social engineering on fascist book sites.

More projects are in the works as well. We will post updates here as we continue to achieve and accomplish the impossible. Lets help the world heal… the power is within each one of us. If you want to network or have any questions feel free to join the chat on this website. If you see an admin online they are in the know and are authorized to answer any questions for you.

VIP Membership included with donation.
Benefit: Donations include premium membership into access to all content for one year. Downloads of truth music artist albums and premium video footage , documentaries and more.
Benefit: 1 year web hosting , SSL included , *you must provide domain*
Benefit: Our digital marketing network is opened to your cause/ business / fundraiser.
Benefit: Author account on to submit your aritcles (we allow ads / banners/affiliates) to the research library. Take note all submissions are subject to approval.  We read all submissions and do not tolerate fake news.
Benefit: 1 Free web service consultation from e-commerce and web expert with over 20 years experience.

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