Dr. Max Stone- The Compound LP + Freedom Warrior Bonus Files

Dr. Max Stone- The Compound LP + Freedom Warrior Bonus Files



Bonus Material / Resources for Freedom Warriors: The album is packed with additional content! Dr Max stored data from research he did during the recording of this album in the song folders.  Approx an additional 300MB of files from that folder is included with this purchase.  Here are some of the things you will receive with the album:

Music: 18 Tracks (The Compound LP) +
Bonus Album Supplements: Global Elite Pandemic Music Video (Banned by Youtube and Vimeo! so you know its good info), The Compound Commercial (this is a video trailler for the album which was played in Fall 2020 around internet / social networks), additional photos / compound artwork , Mad @ Girlfriend Video by Dr. Max (Goes with the tack “Jezebel” on the album.

Bonus Resources: Several PDFs of research related to the creation of the album – to name a few: The Covid Research Paper, Fertility Control Document, Tripple 6 Bill Gates Microchip Patent, Diego Garcia infographics, US Army Grade Survival Hand Book (important if you don’t have one), The BIS (aka Tower of Basil) ~ Learn about the bank that bankers go to (In Switzerland) , Photos of Illuminati Membership / Pentagram ritual discovered in 2020 on The Compound Show and much more!


The Conspiracy Fact album from the creator of Mental Wakeup dot com “Dr. Max Stone” – This is the 2nd Dr. Max Stone album. The 1st Dr. Max Stone album was released on Feb 11th 2011 and was called “Rotation of Knowledge Over Night”.

Dr Max Stone Presents: The Compound LP Release Date: 11/11/20 *** 18 Hard Core Hip Hop Tracks *** Truth Hip Hop Music *** As Real As Gets (MWC) *** Guest appearing Madd Joker Jeff Knoll The Radical Guessworks Robert Navarro Epicsode Jermaine Dewberry Prince Charles tha God Prince Charles ThaGod Amber Gilles (as seen at 100k Starbucks event) Traci MF Ivory G (Beats) Ivory Glasa and Surge Cess
Album produced by Dr Max Stone, Ivory G, The Radical Guessworks, and Surge Cess (Canadian Rhyme Bomb artist)

About the Dr. Max Stone 2011 album “R.O.K.O.N.” (Available here)

Rotation of Knowledge Over Night was the first Dr. Max Stone album which was originally released on February 11th, 2011. Based on true stories… This album was the foundation of the San Diego Rhyme Bomb crew “MWC” and “mentalwakeup.com”. The album Rotation Of Knowledge Over Night was an independent release with no record label, which sold over 2000 copies on the West Coast from February 2011 to 2013. It was sold on Amazon, UGHH and other online hip hop stores, as well as hand to hand in Orange County, Los Angeles and San Diego (during and on the way to shows). Today there are no physical copies left in our possession. However in 2018 the album was released digitally on BandCamp. The album will soon be re-released here

About Dr. Max Stone II “The Compound LP”

The release date of the “The Compound LP” was originally in october but strangely pushed back to a weird date “11/11/20′ which later MWC realized that unintentionally the release date of the first Dr. Max Stone CD backwards (02 / 11 / 11). This album was originally set for release in 2012 and was originally called “Dr Max and Mr. Stone”. A reference to Jekyll and Hyde defining alter egos of Dr. Max and Mr. Stone at war with each other in the mind of the intoxicated therapist. Almost 9 years later the second album is now available on this website. Most of this project was recorded from 2012 to 2015. All older songs have been re-mixed down with better engineering equipment than previously. Als0 professionally remastered and/or completely re-recorded. The completion of the second album as recorded at MWC Studio during the 2020 plandemic lockdown. The album has been renamed to “The Compound” which is the reality that was triggered in February 2020 shortly before lockdown when MWC was born again and the new team was formed (after a 3 year haitus and termination of entire old crew besides OG MWC member Epicsode). The 2nd album continues where the first album left off, continuing the saga of Dr. Max Stone. The album documents more of the often hilarious unorothodox sessions of the self-proclaimed Intoxicated Therapist at the Mental Wellness Center (also called Mental Wakeup Crew).

A big portion of the new album covers Mental Wakeup Crew topics such as No Mask Wearing, No Mandatory Vaccines, Global Elite Mindset, Fake Pandemic, Biosensor Implants, Missing Flight MH370, and Psychological / Biological / Emotional engineering and warfare. The album features new MPC DITC sample based Hip-Hop beats produced by in-house MWC members Ivory G, Guessworks and Dr. Max Stone himself. As well as a few tracks produced by Canadian Hip Hop artist, Surge Cess. The album is gauranteed to be As Real As It Gets and Ruff, Rugged and Raw. The album features MVP MWC Family Emcees and Producers (Silla Tru, Epicsode, Madd Joker, Guessworks) 2020 referred to also as The Compound. Graffiti Artwork by MWC / Tarantulas artist Guessworks.

Professional Engineer and Hardcore Hip Hop Artist / The Beat Box Beats owner, Prince Charles Tha God has joined forces with MWC and is in the lab working hard with Dr. Max Stone to mix and master the new project, as well as other MWC projects.

The Compound LP Credit: Guest Appearances by MWC/Tarantula Crew (The Radical Guessworks, Prince Charles Tha God, Epicsode, Madd Joker and Freedom Warrior Amber Gilles)

Beats by: Ivory G, The Radical Guessworks, Surge Cess and Dr. Max Stone


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