The Compound Show 2021 - Episode 6 - Research Mode

The host and some guests on this show uses explicit language and commonly uses alcohol / cannabis smoking during the show.  Also some things exposed in society may contain Blood/Gore/Sexual Themes and violence. This show is intended for a mature audience. Parental guidance is suggested.


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The Compound Show is a “conspiracy fact” and “as real as it gets” talk show based on decades of  research by Dr Max Stone and The Mental Wakeup Crew.  Established in 2012 originally as a Battle Emcee / Conscious Hip Hop Crew called  MWC (  In 2014 the MWC (originally Mental Wellness Center) added another meaning to the acronym “Mental Wake-up Crew”.   Mental Wake-up name stuck with the crew and became official soon after that. Shortly after renaming the crew to MentalWakeup, the podcast (Originally called The Conspiracy Fact show) began.

The History: From 2014 to 2017 the talk show ran on a weekly basis with several guests. The original podcast did not contain video.  From 2017 to 2020 MWC was inactive. In FEB 2020, Dr. Max Stone turned the old Machine With Cause back on.  He first recorded a new album “The Compound LP” (released 11/11/20) and with a vengence he brought back The Conspiracy Fact Show under the new name “The Compound Show” , this time with video streaming live. Dr. Max Stone has developed several new websites and is also working on several various projects with a new team of MWC leaders (The Radical Guessworks, Prince Charles the God , Johnny Jotz and original MWC member Epicsode returns).  Dr. Max aggressively approaches the never ending fact hunting mission 24/7! Mental Wakeup is like a clinic for people that are tired of brainwash and need a prescription to the truth. He has provided numerous listeners with answers to various questions about what is really happening in the world.   In addition to disclosing many hidden/unknown problems humanity has been and still is facing – the MWC is also working on and offering creative suggested solutions.  Currently Season 2 is playing – Episodes from Season 1 will be added soon.  SpyderNET.Live is now the exclusive publisher and host of’s The Compound Show. SpyderNet.Live and were created by Dr. Max Stone – so don’t worry no third party to water down the message – In this operation EVERYTHING is done in house!

The show this season has featured the following guests: Shaleena Moonstar (Expert of metaphysical works and well versed on truth subjects), Sherry Peel Jackson (Ex IRS Whistleblower) , Johnny Jotz (Host of show, upcoming emcee recently joined forces with Dr. Max Stone and MWC),  The Radical Guessworks (OG Rhyme Bomb Emcee, Member of Tarantulas Music and Mental Wakeup Crew), Farrah (New World Awaken group / site) and Alex Longaims (Leader of Mask Free America Coalition).  The Compound Show is a blunt and brutally honest approach to issues that face humanity.  This show discusses Globalism, Patriotism, Metaphysical Energies, Freedom, Vaccine / Mask Dangers, Big Tech Censorship , Israel / Switzerland Satanic Ritual Abuse, Child Trafficking and many other subjects. This show is raw and uncensored.